About Us

About Us

Our Vision

We want our institution to shine as an example of what the profession of medicine has to be; noble, deeply rooted in providing solace to the suffering, and continually upgrading itself to further its ability to serve humanity.


Our Mission

We treat everyone who approaches us, in the most effective and holistic manner possible, with the same level of commitment and caring, regardless of their caste or religion, their economic or social standing.

We provide the students with the kind of educational experiences so that they are sensitized to our vision and when they graduate, they constitute a pool of professionals who will further the image of our profession as we have envisioned.

We reach out to the community and do everything that is possible to improve our skills, knowledge, and ability.

We create a work environment that fosters professionalism, teamwork, and job satisfaction, while at the same time constantly creating opportunities for individual growth.